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In Comes Company.

Company is an implicitly-mediated component system for MooTools 1.3 that helps in developing modular, component-based applications.

Company was developed as an advanced, alternative system to the basic event-based module systems described in the Keetology article, Modules and Callbacks: Going Hollywood with MooTools.

 var unitA = new Unit({

	initSetup: function(){
		this.subscribe('greet', this.greet);

	greet: function(name){
		console.log('Hello, ' + name);


var unitB = new Unit({

	initSetup: function(){
		this.publish('greet', 'Bobby');


You can read more about the design decisions made for the project on the Keetology post, Sondheim Meets MooTools: A Look At Company.

Get Company

You can download a prebuilt version of the Company script or clone a copy of the repo from Github.

Prebuilt: Company 1.1

You can download older versions from the Github Downloads page.

Clone From Github

$ git clone git:// company

Project Stuff

Company is a project of Mark Joseph "Keeto" Obcena (, Copyrighted 2011. Released under an MIT-Style License.